Our advantages




Our Advantages



Our employees share our values which guide our decision-making and operational processes. These values strengthen the sense of belonging in the great Optimum family and are an integral part of our DNA, on top of support our brand image. We build the future on solid values as one unified group.

Client focus

We focus our efforts on client satisfaction and prioritize maintaining long-term relationships with them and with our business partners.

Employee focus

We pay special attention to our employees, their expectations and their professional development.


We require a high level of ethic, honesty and righteousness in our daily actions, and reflect it in our commitments and our policies.


Our most precious resource and our capacity to distinguish ourselves reside in the talent, the expertise and the sense of innovation of our team.

Risk management

We ensure that risk management is an integral part of all our decisions.


We distinguish ourselves by our rigor in every activity, and at every level of the organization.


Our development is applied in a perspective of measured and profitable growth, which reinforces our financial strength, our stability and our sustainability.

Corporate values
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